The New York Times
February 18, 2012
  Microchip Implanted to Deliver Drug Shows Promise in Trial
The Wall Street Journal
February 17, 2012
  Implanted Microchip Shows Promise in Delivering Drugs
Scientific American
February 16, 2012
  Microchip Implant Gives Medication On Command
February 16, 2012
  MicroCHIPS Shows Promise of Bone Drug Implant in First Human Trial
The Guardian
February 16, 2012
  Microchip Implant Delivers Timed Drug Doses to Patients with Osteoporosis
USA Today
February 16, 2012
  Remote-Controlled Chip Implant Delivers Bone Drug
BBC News
February 16, 2012
  "Pharmacy on a Chip" Gets Closer
The Independent
February 17, 2012
  Dawn of the Age of Wireless Medicine
February 16, 2012
  Microchip Implant Makes Remote-Controlled Drug Delivery Possible
Popular Science
February 16, 2012
  A Wirelessly Controlled Pharmacy Dispenses Drugs From Within Your Abdomen
The Scientist
February 20, 2012
  Wireless Drug Chip
February 19, 2012
  Your Next Prescription Might Be for A Microchip
CBS News
February 17, 2012
  Remote-Controlled Microchip Implant Delivers Drug: Study
Los Angeles Times
February 17, 2012
  Under-the-Skin Microchip Delivers Doses of Medicine
February 17, 2012
  Microchip could replace drug injections
February 16, 2012
  Drug-Releasing Microchip Passes First Test in Humans
February 16, 2012
  Microchip Delivers Drug; Can it Replace Shots?
Science Now
February 16, 2012
  A Pharmacy Under Your Skin
Mass High Tech
February 16, 2012
  Langer Spinout MicroCHIPS Gets Clinical Trial